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In1966, soon-to-be legendary producer Gary Katz was an A&R rep for Bobby Darin's company TM Music, located in the Brill Building in Manhattan. Katz was introduced to a 14-year old singer-songwriter who had recently placed first in a regional talent contest in Ramsey, NJ. She was an eager little brown haired beauty with a booming voice. Her name was Linda Hoover. Major labels courted Linda but her father insisted she go to college before signing a deal. He moved the family to Florida and enrolled Linda in Jacksonville University. She was miserable and barely attended class, only wanting to sing. When she turned 18, she called Gary Katz who invited her to New York with the promise of a record deal. He kept his word.

Linda dug up her tape and prayed that it was still intact enough to convert to a digital medium. There was no guarantee the tape had survived the years but Linda had to try. After baking the tape in an oven for 12 hours and patching in the digital recorder, the engineers in charge of the conversion played the tape. When it was finished, they became the first people other than Linda and a handful of family and friends to hear I Mean to Shine in 35 years and......... it was flawless. This was one of Becker and Fagen's first major label recordings and It had survived the years and contained some of their earliest works; some of which were never recorded again. Their brilliant string and horn arrangements were impeccably preserved.\\"\"

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