About Peckham Soul

As the UK'S most multicultural postcode, Peckham Soul explores how
cultural diversity with has been intrinsic to cultural innovation. Diversity is
central to cultural innovation, creating debate, engagement and understanding.
Without this culture and art become ossified, dull and pointless. We categorically
reject the those who seek to reject diversity and inclusion, and all the racist
and narrow-minded thinking which underpin it.

Peckham Soul began in the summer of 2015. Craig, the label founder had moved
from Edinburgh after DJing and working in club promotion, running nights such
as Modern Lovers and Postcards, as well as teaching. Living in Peckham, he was immediately
struck by the diversity which characterized South East London. As a means of
exploring the history of the area which he had moved to, be started researching
its social history.

Beginning first as with classic Peckham Soul ‘Hands’ design which was
displayed at South London Soul Train’s ‘Northern Soul’ room events, and with
the amount of people taking pictures of the banner, it soon become evident that
the design and sentiment and message was something which people related to.

From initially printing a handful of t-shirts that immediately sold out,
designs have grown into a number of ideas and concepts. These has included
Soundmaps, which explore the Social History of Music within South East London,
Music prints which document important live music events which have taken place,
as we’ll T-Shirt designs such ‘Blues Parties’ which celebrate the pivotal
influence of the West-Indian diaspora on the cultural fabric of London.


Future plans include ‘Oral History’ projects documenting through oral
testimony, the role which music has played in shaping the experiences of Londoners,
as well as a number of other design projects. Stay tuned