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For this album, Guts decided to come back to his Hip Hop roots (he created the french rap Band Alliance Ethnik in the 90's) and invited quality MCs and singers to join him in the studio.
You can find on this album, some Hip Hop legend as Grand Puba, Masta Ace, Bob Power, Rah Digga some singers as Cody ChestnuTT, Patrice and a batch of new talents as Leron Thomas, Lorine Chia, Quelle Chris & Denmark Vessey, Dillon Cooper.


  • Hip Hop First Of All
  • Open Wide
  • The Forgotten (Don't Look Away)
  • Go For Mine
  • As The World Turns
  • Man Funk
  • A Glimpse Of Hope
  • Forever My Love
  • It's Like That
  • Want It Back
  • Enlighten
  • We Are All Africans
  • Innovation
  • Come Alive
  • Looking For The Perfect Rhodes
  • Roses
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