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At last the LP release of his last album, originally released on CD in Dec 2018. The first full-length studio release in eight years for the rapper / actor features a guest appearance from Too $hort. Ice Cube's social consciousness makes Everythang's Corrupt a refreshing release. From beginning to end, Cube's maturity as an artist shines; the songs in which he acknowledges his achievements feel well earned because the primary focus stays on social injustice.


  • Super OG
  • Arrest The President
  • Chase Down The The Bully
  • Don't Bring Me No Bag
  • Bad Dope
  • On Them Pills
  • Fire Water
  • Streets Shed Tears
  • Ain't Got No Haters
  • Can You Dig It?
  • That New Funkadelic
  • One For The Money
  • Still In The Kitchen
  • Non Believers
  • Everythangs Corrupt
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop
Changed Giver - RSD 2024
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Embarrassment - RSD 2024
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Come Away With ESG
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Chutes Too Narrow
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Blue Banisters
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No Singles
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Harry Pussy
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Liquid Skin
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The Age Of Quarrel
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Ace of Spades
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Harmony Corruption
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The Age Of Nero
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Stop The Bleeding
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Now, Diabolical
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Ocean Rain
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The Versions
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Life On The Road
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Night Pillers
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Hotel Aporia
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Floor It!!!
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The Old Magic
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Remember This
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Extreme Witchcraft
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The Apple Drop
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