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‘...driving forces in the cultural life of this nation, from tribal rhythms to freedom songs, from modern dance to hip hop, their work has steered our souls and ignited our imaginations. Through dance, they have told the stories of who we were, who we are and who we can be...’
 Michelle Obama

It was 50 years ago in 1973 at a South Bronx house party, DJ Kool Herc isolated and repeated the percussive “break” in the tracks he was spinning, creating one of the first instances of Hip-Hop as people would come to know it.

The origins of Hip Hop are the story of New York in the 1970S. In the post-war period, NYC planners, most notably Robert Moses, have been seen as initiating racially motivated policies which further ghettoised black and ethnic communities within the city. Policies which precipitated an attendant flight of white middle class tax dollars and where the basic provision of law enforcement, and even fire protection, became increasingly problematic. Isolation and marginalization which was perfectly captured in the lyrics of tracks such as Grandmaster’s ‘The message.’

Hip Hop was in many ways a focused dialogue with these contexts. But Hip Hop was not just music, it was a protest of defiance written in movement also. Toprock, Uprock and nascent Breakdancing was pioneered by NY B-boys such as Jamie "Jimmy D" White and Santiago "Jo Jo" Torres and their Rock Steady Crew in 1977, along with Dynamic Rockers and Afrika Bambaataa's Mighty Zulu Kings. Moves, which by the early 1980’s, would find a focus on dancefloors all over the world.

Designed by Craig Jamieson, our new ‘Battle’ designs celebrate these pioneers who turned self-expressions, and one of the few physical items that the economically marginalized actually own - their bodies - into to a site of agitation, protest, creativity and cultural identity.


CLIMATE NEAUTRAL : All Peckham Soul garments are certified Positive Earth. This means that the manufacturing of this garment leaves a zero carbon footprint

ETHICAL : All Peckham Soul garments are sourced from suppliers which are certified member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization that guarantees its employees a Living Wage.

ORGANIC : 100% Combed Organic Cotton

Changed Giver - RSD 2024
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Embarrassment - RSD 2024
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Come Away With ESG
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Chutes Too Narrow
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Blue Banisters
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No Singles
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Harry Pussy
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Liquid Skin
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The Age Of Quarrel
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Ace of Spades
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Harmony Corruption
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The Age Of Nero
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Stop The Bleeding
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Now, Diabolical
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Ocean Rain
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The Versions
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Life On The Road
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Night Pillers
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Hotel Aporia
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Floor It!!!
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The Old Magic
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Remember This
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Extreme Witchcraft
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The Apple Drop
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