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Renowned New York City house music icon Joaquin Joe Claussell has embarked on an electrifying project of ecstatic, spiritual club music with his latest endeavor: a double album worth of reinterpretations of the music from Italian jazz master Nicola Conte's 2023 album Umoja. 

Claussell's collaboration with Nicola Conte and Far Out Recordings helps mark the label’s 30th anniversary, as Claussell joins fellow producers such as Theo Parrish, Ron Trent, Kenny Dope and 4hero in remixing music from the label’s catalogue.

Extending the tracks from Umoja for full length, dance-floor focused mixes, Claussell has accentuated the original music’s global, afro-futurist vision with comprehensive rearrangements - featuring additional percussion, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and drum programming - excavating the source music and re-recording many of its parts under the auspices of his Sacred Music & Cosmic Arts banner.


  • Life Forces (Joaquin’s Sacred Rhythm Version)
  • Life Forces (Joaquin’s Sacred Rhythm Dub)
  • Umoja (Joaquin’s Sacred Rhythm Version)
  • Umoja (Joaquin’s Sacred Rhythm Dub)
  • Soul Of The People (Joaquin’s Sacred Dance Version)
  • Soul Of The People (Joaquin’s Cosmic Arts Dub)
  • Into The Light Of Love (Joaquin’s Spirit of the Dance Version)
  • Into The Light Of Love (Joaquin’s Spirit of the Dance Instrumental Version)
Changed Giver - RSD 2024
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Embarrassment - RSD 2024
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Come Away With ESG
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Chutes Too Narrow
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Blue Banisters
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No Singles
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Harry Pussy
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Liquid Skin
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The Age Of Quarrel
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Flash And The Pan
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A Casa
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Happy Birthday
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Mister Heartbreak
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Remote Echoes
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Call by Night
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The chant of solitude
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Ace of Spades
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Harmony Corruption
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The Age Of Nero
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Stop The Bleeding
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Now, Diabolical
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Ocean Rain
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The Versions
£14.99 GBP £21.99
Life On The Road
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Night Pillers
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Hotel Aporia
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Floor It!!!
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