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Some albums really can change the world, and in 1989 this was one of them. The psychedlic dance extravaganza that was the Stone Roses ushered in the era of Madchester, baggy trousers, Kangols, and the Hacienda. From the magnificent protracted opening of 'I Wanna be Adored' (where, for once, the arrogance wasn't overdone) to the dying seconds of 'Fools Gold,' every note was perfect. Jon Squire's guitarwork was a thing of magic, a new hero for a new age, Ian Brown sang with gusto, and the rhythm section had paid attention during the second summer of love.


  • Other Side
  • I Wanna Be Adored
  • She Bangs The Drums
  • Waterfall
  • Don't Stop
  • Bye Bye Badman
  • This Side
  • Elizabeth My Dear
  • (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
  • Made Of Stone
  • Shoot You Down
  • This Is The One
  • I Am The Resurrection
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