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These two tracks were initially released on separate singles, “The Rooster” was released on Duke (a Trojan sublabel) in 1970 whilst “The Saint” was released on Trojan the same year in 1970. This is the first time these two McCook’s Boss tracks are released together and it is also the first re-release on 7inch vinyl single of these two rare and in demand Skinhead hits.

Tommy McCook

Cuban born Tommy moved to Jamaica when he was a little boy and became a pupil at the Kingston’s Alpha School where he took up tenor saxophone at the tender age of 11. The Alpha School was run by Catholic nuns and renowned for its outstanding musical education. After a stint in the US where he discovered the sounds of Coltrane, he went on to form the Skatalites in 1964 with Rolando Alphonso, Johnny Moore, Lester Sterling, Don Drummond, Lloyd Knibb, Lloyd Brevett, Jerry Haynes, and Jackie Mittoo. McCook, Drummond, Moore and Sterling were all students from the Alpha School. The Skatalites played their last show in August 1965 after Don Drummond's imprisonment for the murder of his girlfriend, Margarita. The break-up resulted in the formation of two studio bands, Rolando Alphonso and The Studio One Orchestra and… Tommy McCook and The Supersonics. The Supersonics were the house band for Arthur "Duke" Reids' label Treasure Isle. Its members came from The Skatalites with the addition of top new musicians. They were one of Jamaica's most talented and productive bands and covered successfully many genres from Ska and Rocksteady to Reggae and Dub.

Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes was a “DJ” or a toaster a s they wer also called; they were very popular in Jamaica by the end of the 60s. He recorded a dozen of singles, had duets with U-Roy (“Wake The Nation” ) and Pat Kelly (“Peoples Version”). He is also famous for his risqué songs with sexual innuendos such as “Jeff Barnes Thing” and the infamous “Rooster” featured here…

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