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'Swedish Death Candy' is the debut album from the four piece psych band hailing from London, formed in 2014. The band whose inventive blend of dirgey, psychedelic rock is inspired, at least in part, by the tiny, disappointing sweets, as the band explains "You know the drill. A colleague returns from holiday, so you rush to the kitchen, eager to discover what exotic treats they've brought back from their travels. Then you realise it's those small, black, salty Swedish fish, and that's that. Day ruined."

Through the release of a demo EP in late 2014 - coupled with their highly engaging and ferociously loud live show - the band immediately started to catch the attention of music fans, their peers, and the industry alike. Having gained BBC Radio 1 support from Dan P Carter, leading to live support slots with the likes of Wand, Yak, and Kvelertak. Having recently signed to Hassle Records, Swedish Death Candy have followed up their debut EP with the release of 'Liquorice' and now their eponymously named debut album.

Calling London their homebase, the band have their roots spread across the international spectrum featuring members from the UK, Italy and South Korea. The individual band members - Louis, Francesco, Jiwoon and Marco - bonded over their mutual love of Black Sabbath and 70s psych-rock as well as trying to out-do each other with who had more guitar effects available on their pedal boards.

Swedish Death Candy make rock music so bombastically delightful to listen to that its rather difficult to deny the infectious grooves contained within their songs. Aesthetic-wise, you've clearly got some sharp musicians here with an even sharper look; which is in stark contrast to their music and makes the whole thing a bit more interesting than biker dudes with beards.


  • Last Dream
  • Broken Engrams
  • Love You Already
  • Avalanche
  • When All Is Gone
  • Living Your Life Away
  • Pearl
  • Liquorice Pt. II / III
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