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At his core, Rayman is a storyteller, and his lyrics capture desire and loss in vivid detail, despite the fact that he's avoided love and human connection almost religiously for most of his adult life. Knowing he wears his heart on his sleeve and falls easily, Rayman built up barriers to safeguard his fragile emotions, to keep at bay anything or anyone that could potentially distract him from his art. Love, in Allan's mind, has always equated with death, both literally and figuratively, and it's a theme that turns up throughout his music. Seductive R&B bass and hip-hop beats underpin vintage synthesizers and elegant, overdriven electric guitar lines. His voice alternates between a languid, warm-honey tone and a gritty, aggressive roar. There is an uneasiness and an anxiety that haunts the music as Rayman grapples with his demons. The songs are emotional, intimate, and intense, but what we see and hear from Allan is just the tip of the iceberg. Only once you've slipped beneath the surface can you grasp the magnitude of it all.


  • Wolf
  • December (feat. Adria Kain)
  • Sweetheart
  • Repeat (feat. Jessie Reyez)
  • Shelby Moves
  • Jim's Story
  • Left Alone
  • Faust Road (feat. Adria Kain)
  • Hollywood / My Way
  • Head over Heels
  • 25.22
  • 13
  • God Is a Woman
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Come Away With ESG
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Chutes Too Narrow
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Blue Banisters
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Harry Pussy
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Liquid Skin
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The Age Of Quarrel
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