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Demuja opens a new chapter in his career with his new long-player, 'Period Of Time', and his debut release on Universal Music. Demuja has long been a respected name in contemporary electronic music. His output, which straddles the lines between house, disco, electro and jungle has over the years been released mostly via his own imprint MUJA, but also with the likes of respected labels such as Shall Not Fade, Nervous Records and Toytonics. With 'Period Of Time' Demuja joins Universal Music to showcase more of his unique take on modern day electronic sounds with a nod to the old school.

Alongside the album release, Demuja will present a trilogy of accompanying music videos, based around the artifact used as the album art, entitled The Discovery, The Inspection and Enlightenment, which will collectively form a complete short film as well. Throughout the 'Period Of Time' LP Demuja explores new realms of electronic music on compositions like 'Spirit Soldie' a jazz-tinged, heavily swung electronica cut featuring Larry Houl. Opener 'Love Is Free', 'The Time Has Come' and 'Night Racer' present a more vintage synthwave style, fuelled by chuggy arpeggios, bright strings and crunchy drums, while 'Love Somebody Else' featuring Lorenz Rhode and 'Wasting My Time' alongside Mr. Beale highlight Demuja's intricate, soulful side. There are of course some contributions with Demuja's raw house style such as the raw '32 Filters', ethereal 'Existence' and acid house vibe of 'In My Soul', as well as of course a jungle track which can always be found in Demuja long players. 'Funky Pill's concludes the album on a jazzy jungle tip and nods towards his early days in electronic music while rounding out the beginnings of his future.


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