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Claudio Crispo instigates the launch of his new label Everybody In with an EP of low slung House music that has inspiration and vibes from many different backgrounds. This EP is a journey through Claudio's various inspirations bringing together the vocal talents of Londoner Jordan James for the title track "Lost in time". This track is in a time-honoured format of classic analogue rhythm paired with soulful vocals and a finesse to the synthwork which transport you to a better place.

Label namesake "Everybody In" strikes a different somewhat melodic mood. Simple Piano work juxtaposes clever breakbeat drums. A truly different sounding record.

"Lights on" brings vocals from French rapper Jeune Slow deftly into a dreamy beatscape with a chunky rhythm and intricate production work. House music to its core with the central message that you should never give up on your dreams.

Inspired by the early 90's Trance scene "Sunnyhill" is a blissed out trip that begs for sunshine and sunset parties. Characterized by an "instantly recognizable" synth riff this track shows the variety on show with this record.

Closing out the EP "Telescope" features real orbital sounds, cut finely with an almost Lo-Fi production aesthetic with a broken beat backbone and an electro edge. Fantastic - a truly unique EP.


  • Lost In Time (feat Jordan James)
  • Everybody in
  • Lights on (feat Jeune Slow)
  • Sunnyhill
  • Telescope
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