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LP version. 2017 repress. The American Delia Derbyshire of the Atari generation. With a sonic portfolio that boasts commissions for the Xenon classic pinball machine, the sounds for the Meco Star Wars theme, the Atari TV commercials, and the electronic sound effects in the original Stepford Wives film (1975), amongst many others, the mutant electronic music CV of Suzanne Ciani


  • Lixiviation (Ronald Mallory Art Film Collaboration)
  • Atari Video Games Logo
  • 'Clean Room' ITT TV Spot
  • Almay 'Eclipse' TV Spot
  • Paris 1971
  • Sound Of A Dream Kissing (From 'Voices Of Packaged Souls')
  • Atari Corporate Tag
  • 'Princess With Orange Feet'
  • 'Pop & Pour' Coca-Cola Logo
  • 'Discover Magazine' TV Spot
  • Live Buchla Concert 1975
  • 'Inside Story' PBS TV Spot
  • 'Liberator' Atari TV Spot
  • 'Eighth Wave' Keyboard Magazine Flexi Disc
  • 'Sound Of Wetness' (From 'Voices Of Packaged Souls')
  • Second Breath
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Come Away With ESG
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Chutes Too Narrow
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Blue Banisters
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Harry Pussy
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Liquid Skin
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The Age Of Quarrel
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