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Flock Of Dimes is Jenn Wasner. Wasner is one half of Wye Oak as well as Dungeonesse. Across all of her projects Jenn balances experimentation with craft, unafraid to be vulnerable - from 10+ years co-creating the novel, guitar-driven Wye Oak repertoire to purposefully putting out several two-at-a-time 7"s as Flock Of Dimes or exploring electronic textures as Dungeonesse. Wasner wrote, performed and self-produced the record, with help from frequent collaborators Mickey Freeland in Baltimore and Aaron Roche in NYC. It was mixed in Dallas by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen). In this debut Flock Of Dimes album Wasner creates a kind of monument to those moments of being poised on the precipice, that feeling of diving into the new but at the same time looking back at what's left behind.

When standing on an edge like that, both sides - what came before, what's ahead - are in such sharp relief, and this record comes out of that intensity. Maybe that's why so many of these songs are built around these ecstatic moments when it feels like something is spilling open, or breaking through, from the cosmic dance-dream of 'Minor Justice' to the soaring reassurance of 'Everything Is Happening Today.' Or 'Semaphore,' a signal sent from a distance, an attempt to bridge the infinite space between two people (or two cities).


  • Sometimes It Is Right...
  • Birthplace
  • The Joke
  • Everything Is Happening Today
  • Semaphore
  • Ida Glow
  • Flight
  • Apparition
  • Given / Electric Life
  • Minor Justice
  • You, The Vatican
  • ...To Have No Answer
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