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Transparent Orange Vinyl Edition

Ride set themselves a tough task by having to follow up their excellent full-length debut, Nowhere, an album that still stands as one of the finest examples of britain's shoegazer movement. Fortunately, the band rose to the task. While not quite as immediately striking or hypnotic as Nowhere, Going Blank Again is a charmingly different kettle of fish.

Of course, there is plenty of the band's trademark epic sonic play, including oceans of layered guitars shot through with distortion and effects, shimmering psychedelic textures, and thumping bass and drums.

But Going Blank Again is much brighter and more pop-oriented than its predecessor, with songs like 'Twisterella' and 'Not Fazed' making ample use of chiming guitar lines and catchy melodic hooks. While the dark-and-gloomy, drone-fixated shoegazer fans may disparage the record, Ride's sophomore release shows the band building on their sound while polishing their popcraft.


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