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Liverpool's Hooton Tennis Club take a diary-style approach, penning songs about their own lives. They write about their friends - fictional and real - and have their own quirky characters come to life through an effervescent brand of jangle-pop. With the Merseyside four-piece's second full-length, they've expounded on what made their debut such a delight. Whereas 'Higher Point In Cliff Town' was a band testing their own waters, 'Big Box of Chocolates' digs beautifully into themes of joy and the bittersweet, of both love and loss, a heightened audacity to their lyricism. Naturally, it's filled with Parquet Courts-style slacker rock and the '90s guitar essences of Pavement. In this style, Hooton Tennis Club have composed an enchanting, charming open love letter about those close to home.


  • Growing Concerns
  • Bootcut Jimmy The G
  • Bad Dream (Breakdown On St George's Mount)
  • Sit Like Ravi
  • Katy-Anne Bellis
  • O Man, Won't You Melt Me
  • Statue Of The Greatest Woman I Know
  • Meet Me At Molly Bench
  • Lauren, I'm In Love!
  • Frostbitten In Fen Ditton
  • Lazers Linda
  • Big Box Of Chocolates
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