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An End Has A Start: The second album from Editors which hit No 1 on release in 2007, selling nearly 60,000 copies in the process. Includes the Top 10 single Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors plus the singles The Racing Rats, Bones, Push Your Head Towards The Air and the album's title track. The album was produced by Garret 'Jacknife' Lee, who helped the band capture their huge live sound in the studio. The title track, An End Has a Start is an instant classic, similar to the highlights of the first album, Munich or Blood, its melody and rhythm just takes everything by storm. The Racing Rats is a rattling, full-tilt delight, the Bunnymen-esque Escape the Nest sounds choppy and propulsive, and the spare piano chords and skittering drums of When Anger Shows make it the alt-rock cousin of Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy. People were afraid that Editors would sell out with their second album and that the more expensive production and longer recording time would spoil the spirit of dark and gloomy heores of the dark underground, but on the contrary. the album is a continuation of the first album. They have kept their style and perfected it even more.


  • Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
  • An End Has A Start
  • The Weight Of The World
  • Bones
  • When Anger Shows
  • The Racing Rats
  • Push Your Head Towards The Air
  • Escape The Nest
  • Spiders
  • Well Worn Hand
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