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A blend of Soul, Gospel, Rock, Funk, Disco, Punk, passion and rebellion, Gossip is comprised of vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan Howdeshell, and drummer Hannah Blilie.

Originally formed in Olympia, Washington in 1999, Gossip first garnered attention in the UK with the release of their 2006 breakthrough album 'Standing in the Way of Control', and they have been in the spotlight ever since. their most recent album, 2009's 'Music for Men', sold over 1 million copies globally and was raved about on both sides of the atlantic, with Clash declaring it "the most euphoric thing you'll hear this year."

recorded in both Xenomania, Higgins' studio in England, and KBC studios in Portland, Oregon, 'A Joyful Noise' stays true to Gossip's trademark brash and unapologetic nature - that is, as true as possible for a band that is constantly reinventing itself and pushing boundaries.

Working with Higgins, Gossip sought to create their own brand of pop. Ditto proclaimed, "I spent the whole year listening to Abba and not listening to the radio," accounting for the pulsing energy of 'A Joyful Noise'. The album's infectious tracks was welcomed by fans who we're already entranced by Gossip's insanely danceable beats, as well as luring in many more converts.


  • Melody Emergency
  • Perfect World
  • Get A Job
  • Move In The Right Direction
  • Casualties Of War
  • Into The Wild
  • Get Lost
  • Involved
  • Horns
  • I Won't Play
  • Love In A Foreign Place
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