October '14 Tracks that Shook the Dancefloor'

October '14 Tracks that Shook the Dancefloor'

May 29, 2023

Peckham Soul is doing some soul time travellin! Join your host DJ Craig Jamieson as he gets in the musical Tardis and looks at what was happening on the Northern Soul scene from Oct 1975. 

The Rare Soul scene was a very fluid when it came to releases and fairly partisan depending what camp you were affiliated with. Venues such as Wigan Casion kept to a policy of ostensibily unearthing new discoveries from the 60's, Whilst the Mecca, feeling the quality of new discoveries was bound to dry up, started spinning rare new releases imported from the States. Tracks by Sam Dees and Sister Sledge are two examples, where as Wade Flemmons and the Jellybeans very much represented new discoveries.

A fantastic selection from one of Northern Sou'ls most innovative period. Now kids, on with the show.

1. Jeanette Wade - Flemmons
2. I Can't Live Without You - Jay Walkers
3. Autumn Of Your Tomorrow - The Crow
4. World Don't Owe You a Living - Loleatta Holloway
5. You Don't Mean Me No Good - Jelly Beans
6. Mend My Broken Heart - Rose St John & the Wonderettes
7. Love Don't Go Through No Changes - Sister Sledge
8. Fragile, Handle with Care - Sam Dees
9. Johanesberg - Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson
10. I Really Love You - Jimmy Burns
11. I Still Can't Get To You - Joseph Moore
12. Look at The Boy - Jean Plum
13. I'm Living A Lie Barbara - Jean English
14. Love Don't Come No Stronger - Jeff Perry