Keeps On Burning

Keeps On Burning

May 29, 2023

A selection of Northern Soul cuts from DJ Craig Jamieson and mixed with spoken word extracts from 'This is England.' A Granada documentary made at the Wigan Casino, 'This Is England' was first screened in 1977 and gives a fascinating contextualization of Northern Soul's appeal, especially when the only club alternatives were Mecca chain disco pumping out chart dross. It also highlights the precarious world of the Northern Soul alnighters.

Both the Police and local authorities constantly looked for a pre-text to shut alnighters down. This is exactly what happened with Wigan Casino's forerunners, the Twisted Wheel in Manchester and the Torch in Stoke. Quite literally the kids didn't know if it would be open the next week, which evidently only added to the soul camaraderie of the events.

Here's a selection of cuts popular spun by Craig at the now gone Northern Soul Room sessions at The South London Soul Train.

Image is the mural painted in Peckham and based on William Blake's poetry where he recounts at the age of 8 seeing 'A Tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars' on Peckham Rye.

1 Gonna Give it A try - Carol Fan
2 When I'm Gone - Brenda Holloway
3 What's It Gonna Be - Susan Barrett
4 The Right Track - Billy Butler
5 (Help Me) Get Myself Back Together Again - The Spellbinders
6 Send Him Back - Pointer Sisters
7 Screaming and Shouting - The Fabulettes
8 I’ll Come Running Back - Delegates of Soul
9 To Be With You - Winfield Parker
10 Gloria Jones - Tainted Love