Travels in Vinyl with Richard Adoyade

Travels in Vinyl with Richard Adoyade

January 22, 2022

Since opening the shop back in 2019, local South East London lad Richard Adoyade has been popping in to pick some of our most discerning Vinyl. A confirmed gentleman collector, Richard gives us an insight into what vinyl is Rockin’ the decks

Peckham Soul :   From the underground, obscure and cult wax you always pick up from Peckham Soul, I wouldn’t have thought vinyl was something which started collecting 5 minutes ago. When did you first get into buying vinyl? and what was the first things you picked up?

Richard : There was a second hand record shop in Ipswich. I would often go there when I was young(ish) – say 15/16. I suppose I bought my first records there. Mainly 60s British bands like The Move, The Kinks, Small Faces etc. I once bought a copy of Hatful of Hollow by the Smiths there. It had country and western music on one side. I took it back because it was obviously defective. The man refunded my £2 and said it was the original factory acetate pressing and it was worth a fortune.

I love Georges Delerue  – his scores for Truffaut and Godard. And Nino Rota’s scores for Fellini too. Especially his one for Toby Dammit.

Peckham Soul :  Music has obviously been a big component in your work and you’ve collaborated with musician such as Alex Turner from the Artic Monkey who composed the music for Submarine, a film you wrote and directed in 2010.

Is there any particular soundtracks LPs which admire and have had a big influence?

Richard : The Double, a film from 2013 and which you directed has a real crate diggers Soundtrack. Obscure 60’s Japanese pop from the likes of the Blue Comets, Japanese crooners such as Kyû Sakamoto, as well as cult South Korean folk Rock from Kim Jung Mi. I wondered what part collecting music plays in both inspiring and shaping your work?

I often write to music – and I do think about which records might work with a scene. I also have worked with a composer called Andrew Hewitt on everything I’ve done. Do look him up! But it’s been a while since I made a film!

Peckham Soul From what you’ve picked up from the shop, Non-English music seems to hold a place in your collection. Is there any particular artists or genres which you can recommend?

Richard : Ah – you must get anything by Danny – the Finnish singer. His version of My Generation. Also Jacques Brel, Francoise Hardy, France Gall, Jeanette, Haruomi Hosono

Peckham Soul : Oh Sweetheart, rap this shit up, your having a nightmare.’

Great line from Mighty Boosh when your character Saboo and Tony Harrison DJ take over the decks at Howard Moon’s party. I wonder what vinyl would make up your Dj set? And is there any particular DJs you admire?

Richard : I’ve never been one for going to clubs.  My DJ set would clear the room. All coughs and scratches and allergies.

Peckham Soul  : ‘What’s your beef with the Mac (Fleetwood Mac)…..‘The same beef that every right-thinking man has, they are bullshit muchers…’

Some more great lines from the DJ scene in Mighty Boosh. There is pain and there is ecstasy in record collecting. Is there any vinyl you’ve picked up which you thought would have been completely mind blowing, but instead has turned out to be a complete let down?

Richard : When I first bought Grievous Angel, I couldn’t get into it. I knew Teenage Fanclub like him, and Dinosaur Jr, but it was too ‘country’. Now I can’t believe how good it is. Let downs… not sure. Sometimes you need to give things time.

Peckham Soul : Finally, what recent purchase or current music is rockin’ the turntables at chez Ayoade?

Richard : Giallo soundtracks. Alice Coltrane. Sun Records. Motown.

A huge thanks to Richard, not just for taking the time to do the interview, but for your continued support you’ve given to Peckham Soul. Cheers mucka.